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The Power of Reading website – membership purchase FAQs

How do I purchase a PoR website subscription?

Subscription may only be purchased online here 


Can I purchase a subscription via invoice?

Yes it is possible to select ‘pay by invoice’ at the payment page during the online subscription purchase process. Please note that the subscription will only be activated upon receipt of payment. As our Centre is currently closed there will be a delay to your access if you choose to pay by cheque.


How can I get immediate access to the website?

Please pay by credit card, payment card or via PayPal to gain immediate access to the website.


How can I request a Purchase Order number to be quoted on the invoice?

Please add your purchase order number in the box provided on the Payment option page. This number will then be added to the automatically generated invoice.


I’ve paid via invoice. How do I get the invoice?

The invoice is automatically generated. It is sent to the registered email on the account and to the billing emsil address. The website account owner may also retrieve the invoice from the account. Please login, click on ‘My Account’ on the black strip at the top of the web page then click on ‘Orders’ under ‘Account settings’. Click on the relevant order and then click on ‘printable invoice’.


How can I buy a gift subscription for a school?

Gift subscription may be purchased online here


I am booked on PoR training. When does my PoR website subscription start?

Website subscription accounts are set up for participating schools on the afternoon of Day 1 of the training.


How does my school gain access to the website resources before the training starts?

The school will need to purchase a subscription here


My school has an existing subscription account. What happens when I join the training?

CLPE will add a subscription onto your account. This new subscription will be automatically activated when your existing subscription expires and will be valid for a year.


Are there any discounts available on the subscription fee for small schools?

We offer a reduced price for small schools (with fifty or fewer pupils). Please contact [email protected] if applicable, to find out more. Please note that we are limited on the discounts we can give as we are a small independent charity with no government funding. 


How do I login?

Please visit: www.clpe.org.uk/user. Enter the username (Account owner’s email) and school password.


Who is our Account owner?

In the first instance please check with your school office or English Lead. Otherwise please email: [email protected] with your school name and postcode.


How can I find out the school password?

In the first instance please check with your school’s PoR website account owner or school office. If the school password is forgotten, the account owner may set up a new password by visiting the login page at: www.clpe.org.uk/user and clicking on the ‘Reset my password’.  Please note that all staff will need to be informed if a new password is set up. All account owners should also make sure the school office has a note of the school login for the PoR website.


How can I change the password on the account?

Only the account owner can change the password. Please login, click on ‘My Account’ on the black strip at the top of the web page and then click on ‘Change password’ under ‘Account Settings’


How do I change our school details?

The account owner may login, click on ‘My Account’ (located on the black strip at the top of the web page) and then click on ‘Edit account details’ under ‘Account settings’.


How can I find out when our subscription ends?

The PoR website account owner may login, click on ‘My Account’ (located on the black strip at the top of the web page) and then click on ‘Power of Reading subscription’ under ‘Account settings’.

Email reminders to re-subscribe will be sent to the account owner one month and one week before expiry, on expiry, one week and one month after expiry.


How do we re-subscribe?

Annual subscriptions may be purchased via the website .  Please login and re-subscribe via your existing account to retain the school login.


If I re-subscribe before my existing subscription finishes won’t I be paying for that period twice?

No – if you purchase a new subscription in advance it will be queued on the account and start automatically when your existing subscription finishes.


What is the ‘Grace period’?

When a subscription expires CLPE activates a one month extension to the subscription (Grace period). This allows extra time for you to arrange your renewal payment without losing access to the resources.


The PoR website account owner is leaving the school what do we do?

Please change the registered email to another member of staff before they leave. To change the email: login and click on ‘My Account’ (located on the black strip at the top of the web page), then click on ‘Account Settings’, ‘Edit account details’. CLPE will communicate all website subscription information via the registered email.


The PoR website account owner has left the school and we don’t know the login?

CLPE will need to register a new email address on the account. Please email [email protected] with the school name and postcode.


How do I sign up for the CLPE newsletters?

The account owner may login, click on ‘My Account’ (located on the black strip at the top of the web page) and then click on ‘Newsletter preferences’ under ‘Account settings’.


What are the terms and conditions for the use of and subscription to the Power of Reading website?

Our terms and conditions may be found at: https://clpe.org.uk/Terms-Conditions


I can’t find an answer to my problem?

Please email [email protected] quoting the school name and postcode.