By Tony Mitton

This collection was the winner of the CLPE Poetry award in 2014.

This verse retelling of the legend of a master blacksmith who fashions such ‘wonderful ware’ that he is captured by a king is a tour de force. Readers are quickly drawn in to this tale set in a landscape of forests and mountains depicted in John Lawrence’s extraordinary engravings. The whole story is stunningly sustained in rhyming four line stanzas. There is lust and violence at the centre of this saga and neither poet nor illustrator shirk from portraying these – so this is definitely a publication for older children. There is the love of Wayland for his Swan-Maiden and beauty in the way words and pictures reunite them.

Wayland was chosen by the judges for the mastery of the form, its epic nature and the beauty of it as a complete piece of art, poetry and legend.

Apropriate for age group: Key Stage 3