Poetry Competition with CLPE and Walker Books - Summer Term 2021


Inspire a love of poetry in your school and be in with the chance of winning £200 of Walker Books for your school! 

Use the poem My Wish from the poetry book Take Off Your Brave by Nadim and illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail (Walker Books) in your class, encouraging children to create their own poems about their ideal world to enter into the competition. 


How to enter: 

  • Read the poem My Wish with your class (PDF available to download). Talk about the poem together. What did it make you think about? How did it make you feel?
  • Encourage the children to think about the planet we live on, Earth. What do you know about our planet? What are the good things about our planet? What might the bad things about living on this planet be?
  • Now, ask the children to imagine a planet they would really like to live on. What would it be like there? What natural and physical features would it have? Who or what would live there? What would it not be like or what might not exist on your dream planet? What would it feel like to live or be there?
  • Get your class to collate their ideas using illustration. Draw a representation of your dream planet. What can you share about the creatures, plants and wildlife that live here?
  • Using all the things you've talked about and the illustrations as a stimulus for writing, invite the children to compose their own poem about the planet they would like to live on. With younger children who don’t yet have the transcriptional ability to write for themselves, they could use recording devices to record their words for an adult to scribe. With older children, they can draft, read aloud and redraft as necessary. 
  • Share your children's poems alongside their illustrations with us on our social channels using tagging us in and using the hashtag #CLPEMyWish

This competition will be judged by CLPE over the May half term, the winning entry will receive £200 of Walker Books for their school, and 10 runners up will receive a copy of Take Off Your Brave.

Competition runs from 26th April 2021 - 24th May 2021. Open to UK schools only. 

Share your children's work to win:

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Copyright © 2021 Nadim Shamma Sourgen
From TAKE OFF YOUR BRAVE: POEMS JUST FOR YOU’ written by Nadim and illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail
Reproduced by permission of Walker Books Ltd, London SE11 5HJ