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It's New Year, 1979, at Funderland in the RDS in Dublin. 
In the cold calculation of the January air, a young girl tries to talk 

Kathy Henderson is a writer, poet and illustrator with many published titles for children. She was shortlisted for the CLiPPA in 2014.

   The Mac drinks tea

in a dragonfly mug.

On the library floor

is a dragonfly rug.


Zim Zam Zoom

Let's go once upon a time.

Let's stroll, let's roll with rhythm 'n rhyme


Let's dress up in a riding hood.

Let's take that shortcut through the wood.


It's five past three.
Sixty-four eyes look at me.
No. Sixty-two.
Not Matthew.
He hasn't learnt to read my face.
He's got digital. A disgrace!


The building is white,
ivy eating its way up the broken walls,
windows small
and scratched.


The walls of the room are white and clean -
all sign's of yesterdays sorrows scrubbed
away with bleach.


I am the clash and collide of the stars
because I create worlds.

I am the awareness of the trees
because I hear the wind.

Great Big Cuddle.jpg

I am angry. really angry. angry,
angry, angry. I'm so angry
I'll jump up and down. I roll on the ground
Make a din. Make you spin
Pull out my hair. Throw you in the air


'Why do you run?' I asked the river,
'So fast I can't compete.'
'I run,' the river said, 'because
I have some streams to meet.'