Kids in camouflage sprint and stumble through smoke,

their faces smeared with blood and dirt.

It’s a burnt-out city with kids tearing into enemy lines,

no weapons,


I like to stay up
and listen
when big people talking
jumbie stories

I does feel
so tingly and excited
inside me

But when my mother say
“Girl, time for bed”


She is not here.
Not beside me in bed
nor in the room
at all.

It has happened


and drank soda

and didn’t eat lunch

and I almost got arrested

and I hate math

and tomorrow we have to play basketball in gym class

and I’m not that good


I wanna be a star.
I wanna go far.
I wanna drive around 
in a big red car.
I said yeah yeah yeah
I wanna be a star.


I write these poems

To make up for the empty slogans

that gassed me up and left me choking

I held too much in, now outspoken

is how I am, now my mind is open

Jelly Boots Smelly Boots

Imagine if your nails are nails

so every time they get long

you hammer them in a bit to make them short.



Once everything was big
and you were small,
but year after year your shadow 
crept up the wall 
and you grew tall.


Let's take a walk

around the park,

but please don't forget

that you have to bark.

No matter what you

want to say,

Just watch, think and bark,



Not many people in the park,

nobody near enough to hear me,

if I say a poem or two.

So I do.