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Philip Gross has published twenty poetry collections, including four for children, and won many awards including the TS Eliot Prize. Dark Sky Park was shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2019

I am a guillemot
I use my bill a lot
I get the fish out of the wet
I eat my fill a lot.
I live on ledges

Vertical Edges

Give The Ball to the Poet

Ah sey, ah want it short,
Short back an' side,
Ah tell him man, ah tell him
When ah teck him aside,
Ah sey, ah want a haircut
Ah can wear with pride,


The biggest berries are in the centre
of a tunnel of thorny bushes.
A shark gaping wide,
promising not to nip.


humming a tune,
happy in June
(when flowers
and roses bloom)
sipping nectar
its favourite food,
loved also by bees.

Sue Hardy-Dawson
Sue Hardy-Dawson is a Yorkshire born poet, artist, and illustrator.Where Zebras Go is her debut solo collection and shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2018.

See her moonlight

bloom from thick forest


leaving the ground

plucking words from the stars


half heather mosses

deep purple wherries


A F Harrold
A F Harrold is a poet, performer and children's author. His work for children includes Things You Find In A Poet's Beard. He heads the judges for the CLiPPA 2019.
John Hegley has produced ten books of verse and prose pieces, two CDs and one mug. He was the Chair of the judging panel for CLiPPA 2016.