I am in a forest;
My brothers will never find me here.
Over my head is a green umbrella;
I feel the earth under my bare feet.

Give The Ball to the Poet

When they were young,
She kept wicket for her brothers,
They batted,
Padded up
And ratcheted up the score.
She crouched behind the stumps


He's the Keepy-Uppy Kid.


I’m the king of the dinosaurs, number one reptile,
tyrannosaurus rex can’t touch my style.
I’m dressed to kill, got the sharpest suit,

A F Harrold -poetryline

From Things You Find in a Poet's Beard by A.F. Harrold


If you think the tooth fairy has it tough

spare a thought for the Finger Nail Pixie


Let me do it, let me do it
Let me blow up the balloon
Let me do it, let me do it
Let me go to the moon

Zim Zam Zoom

Let's give it

a hunk of a trunk

Let's give 

a stretch of a neck

A snake of a tongue

a bear of a growl

a bee of a sting

a wolf of a howl.



I told a whopper, a fib, a lie.
Slipped out of my mouth. It was slimy, sly.

Save me, it hissed. A secret must hide.
So I opened my bag and it slithered inside.

The Rainmaker Danced

Stand in line

they said.

So he did.

Toe the line

they said.

So he did.

Sign on

the dotted line

they said.

So he did.



A little bit of rice,
a little bit of pea,
on my plate
for my tea.

A little bit of jam,
a little bit of toast,
in the mornings
when I love it most.