It was the summer

when Now and Laters


cost a nickel

and The Fantastic Four,


a buck.

When I met


Harriet Tubman

Overheard in a Tower Block

I’m amazing

Seriously I’m really very cool

When I went to school

With the headmaster

I drafed the rules.


We studied my hair

My cares


One was beautiful, silken hair to her waist
and dutiful, kept it neatly in place.
Please and Thanks were words she’d use.

Red Cherry Red

I was born with a map of Australia on my face;
it was beautiful, my mother told me – 
there was nobody like me in the whole wide world
who could trace the edges of down under


This is my story.
It is mine alone because I am the one who needs
to tell it.
I am the one who is still here,
no longer stage right but

Red Cherry Red

The living room remembers Gran dancing to Count Bessie.
The kitchen can still hear my aunts fighting on Christmas Day.
The hall is worried about the loose banister.


We used to play on the sidewalk,

brandishing long sticks as lightsabers,

caning one another and

really feeling the force of it.


Then Ed got a real lightsabre,

A F Harrold -poetryline

From Things You Find in a Poet's Beard by A.F. Harrold


Shirley was six when her teeth started to fall out.

Her big brother, Ben, told her not to worry.


Hello! thanks for calling
I'm just off on my bike
That's my room up there
Take a look if you like.


Tomorrow has your name on it
It's written up there in the sky
As you set out on a journey
in search of the How? and  the Why?