Little toad little toad mind yourself
mind yourself let me plant my corn
plant my corn to feed my horse
feed my horse to run my race – the sea is full of more than I know

Overheard in a Tower Block

I’m amazing

Seriously I’m really very cool

When I went to school

With the headmaster

I drafed the rules.


We studied my hair

My cares


This is my story.
It is mine alone because I am the one who needs
to tell it.
I am the one who is still here,
no longer stage right but


When Mom says

she's decided to go back to work,

you're not too surprised,

'cause you know

how much she misses

being around horses

since Dad moved


Nobody knows what Jonjo knows. Nobody knows but he,
So Jonjo took me for a walk and showed his world to me.


The fear of being left out is what it’s all about

No one wants to get laughed at or be the odd one out

No one likes to feel rejected put down and dejected


Roger McGough has written some lovely poems for children around the Coronavirus with fun and light-hearted messaging, for you to use in school – print them out and display them in your classroom or


She didn’t call for me as she usually does.
I shared my crisps with someone else.

I sat with someone else in assembly.
She gave me a funny look coming out.


When Raymond Gough joined our class
He was almost a year behind.
'Sanatorium', said Mrs McBride
'So I want you all to be kind.'

Overheard in a Tower Block

In the pitch of night

two knights shared a thought,

with a sword in each hand

as they slashed and fought

on the highest ramparts

of the crumbling fort.