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Rhythm and Poetry

I’ve seen those tough as oaks

weep like willows

even the hardest thugs can have tear stained pillows

most can’t see the forest for the trees

Karl Nova - National Poetry Day

Change was specially written for National Poetry Day 2018 


Change is always happening

It’s a fact my friend, it’s like fads and trends

Rhythm and Poetry

I have your smile

when I look in the mirror I see you

I have your laugh

So when I chuckle I hear you

I have your humour

when I’m sharing jokes I owe it to you

Rhythm and Poetry

Summer is the best time

so let me start right here

It’s my favourite season

I wish it could last all year

The sun feels real near

and it can get so hot


I write these poems

To make up for the empty slogans

that gassed me up and left me choking

I held too much in, now outspoken

is how I am, now my mind is open


The fear of being left out is what it’s all about

No one wants to get laughed at or be the odd one out

No one likes to feel rejected put down and dejected


When I was a kid

poetry seemed boring

complex words on a page

that almost left me snoring

I felt no connection

that language seemed foreign


I spy with my London eye

Big Ben telling the time

as these thoughts like the River Thames

flow through my mind

Thoughts of love for my city


It was a cold winter day,

walking down Oxford street

is what I was doing,

I have very quick feet

I was window shopping

going into different shops