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Rising Stars: New Young Voices in Poetry

I have always wanted to be nocturnal,

To Live by the light of the moon.

There’s something about the stars – they’re eternal.

I pray the sun sets soon.



He swears on his mother's life he wasn't there.

And if he was there

he swears on his mother's life it wasn't him.

And if it was him


This poem is published in the Tell Me the Truth About Life: A National Poetry Day 2019 Anthology


The playground is built on top of a graveyard.

Press your ear to the tarmac and you'll hear the undead

scratching on their coffin lids.



This poem is published in the National Poetry Day 2019 Anothology on the theme of truth. 


This poem is in  the National Poety Day 2019  Anthology on the theme of Truth.