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                         First, months

of flash, thud, shudder,


then the wailing...


Let's take a walk

around the park,

but please don't forget

that you have to bark.

No matter what you

want to say,

Just watch, think and bark,



Not many people in the park,

nobody near enough to hear me,

if I say a poem or two.

So I do.


Look at the train
Look at the train
Look at the train,
the train, the train!

Rattling by
at the back of the houses
up on the track.


In our flat
faces speak
of places across the sea.

In our flat
voices walk in
talking, but not like me.


Hand on the bridge
feel the rhythm of the train.

Hand on the window
feel the rhythm of the rain.

Hand on your throat
feel the rhythm of your talk.


This is the city:
buildings, buses, trains and cars
concrete, metal, bricks and glass
houses, lights and cinemas
shops and offices and bars
this is where the people are.


Today I read a bus stop
and then I read a van,
a poster and three carrier bags,
some shop signs and a man
who had a crazy T-shirt on.