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Karl Nova - National Poetry Day

Change was specially written for National Poetry Day 2018 


Change is always happening

It’s a fact my friend, it’s like fads and trends

Rhythm and Poetry

Summer is the best time

so let me start right here

It’s my favourite season

I wish it could last all year

The sun feels real near

and it can get so hot

Jennifer Watson

When Harry went away
he stole a part of Mum.
No-one warned us. 
No-one said.
We looked and looked for ages – 


Once everything was big
and you were small,
but year after year your shadow 
crept up the wall 
and you grew tall.


It was the summer

when Now and Laters


cost a nickel

and The Fantastic Four,


a buck.

When I met


Harriet Tubman


When Mom says

she's decided to go back to work,

you're not too surprised,

'cause you know

how much she misses

being around horses

since Dad moved


Spices and gold once cast a spell
On bearded men in caravels.

New World New World cried history
Old World Old World sighed every tree.

The Rainmaker Danced

It takes time

to sling a stone

to fling a spear

to wield a club

to blow a dart

to shoot an arrow

to pull a pistol

to fire a canon



Roger McGough has written some lovely poems for children around the Coronavirus with fun and light-hearted messaging, for you to use in school – print them out and display them in your classroom or


Spring is baby,
bright, fresh and new,
gurgling with the melting snow,
singing with the first cuckoo.