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Red Cherry Red

That fire, they said, was red as red as red
as red as a fox, your lips, a cherry;
that fire, they said spread and spread and spread,
faster than a cheetah or a nasty rumour;


Now we're up on the edge

and over, on the mountain

with mountains beyond. Behind us,

            in the dark


We're floating into the blue,
Me and my blue balloon.
Over the rooftops of the town,
The brown fields and the trees
And the Downs – we're floating,


The willow and the wind
are natural dancing partners;
look how the willow weeps
with the joy of movement,
skillfully rooted to the spot.


There is a place (believe me,

            she said) where if, if


                   ...not white like the snow


more moon-panther or silvery cloud-cat


This is the kingdom of the Water Bear.

To enter here, you have to shrink

and slow down, down. A day

is one tick of the clock, one blink