A Kid in My Class

By Rachel Rooney. Otter-Barry Books. 9781910959879. Hardback £10.99

Shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2019

Open this book and meet your new class in this collaboration where words and pictures work beautifully together. Maybe you’ll find a child you already know or someone who reflects the child in yourself. A variety of poetic forms abound. There are list poems that rhythmically describe a ‘Fidget’ or enumerate the qualities that guarantee eligibility for a ‘Drama Queen Award’. There are conversation poems such as ‘Copycat’ in which that annoying kid repeats everything you say in exactly the same tone, and the seemingly one sided conversation from the respondent in ‘The Questioner’.  We can share the ‘Friendship Bench’ haunted by a shadowy figure and enjoy the bouncy beat pounded out by ‘The Keepy-Uppy Kid’.

Teaching Sequences

'Daydreamer' by Rachel Rooney


'Tips for the New Boy' by Rachel Rooney

Tips for the New Boy

'The Poet' by Rachel Rooney

The Poet

'Keepy-Uppy Kid' by Rachel Rooney

Keepy Uppy KId

'Seeker' by Rachel Rooney


'Talking Hands' by Rachel Rooney

Talking Hands

'Truth or Dare' by Rachel Rooney

Truth or Dare

'The Art of Deception' by Rachel Rooney

The Art of Deception