Booklist - A.F. Harrold: Language and Wordplay

A.F. Harrold

A.F. Harrold writes poetry for children and adults. His most recent collection for children is Things You Find in a Poet’s Beard illustrated by Chris Riddell and for adults Lies My Mother Never Told Me (both published by Burning Eye Books). He also writes novels for children, including The Imaginary illustrated by Emily Gravett and The Song from Somewhere Else illustrated by Levi Pinfold (both published by Bloomsbury).

Find out more about A.F. Harrold on his website. Watch him reading his poems on poetryline.

This booklist, which is a work in progress, linked to the CLPE Power of Poetry course includes a selection of nonsense verse, books which feature haiku, and collections of children’s usual earliest encounters with poetry in the shape of nursery rhymes. The final section of the list shares books and poems across poetry for adults and children referenced on A.F. Harrold’s day of the Power of Poetry course, focussed on exploring language and wordplay.

The Song from Somewhere Else is a Power of Reading Book