Aoife Mannix

Aoife Mannix was born in Sweden of Irish parents. She grew up in Dublin, Ottawa and New York before moving to the UK.  She is the author of several poetry collections. Her show Growing Up An Alien, produced by Apples and Snakes and supported by Arts Council England, premiered at the Southbank Centre’s 2007 London Literature festival. Aoife has performed throughout the UK and internationally. 



Billy McCool

Aoife Mannix - Billy McCool


Aoife Mannix - Heights

The Bird Crocodile

Aoife Mannix - The bird crocodile

AM P3 The Mad Hatters* Vimeo Optimum

Aoife Mannix - The Madhatters

Mon Chow Chuk

Aoife Mannix - The Slithermonchowchuck

AM P6 Today I'm not going t Vimeo Optimum

Aoife Mannix - Today I'm not going to school

King of The Dinosaurs

Aoife Mannix - King of the dinosaurs