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A song is simply words that are intended to be set to music. Music and poetry have always gone together. As Jennifer Watson says song lyrics can be a way into poetry for children who feel disconnected with it as a literary form. The earliest poems are likely to have been sung and chanted, and many of the elements that make poems hang together; rhyme, metre, alliteration, repetition and refrain are musical in character.

Nursery rhymes are our first encouters with sung poetry for example Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
If you see a crocodile,
Don‛t forget to scream - Aghh!


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