He's younger than the others. Looks about my brother's age.

He speaks like people speak, not like he's reading from a page. 

It was perfect

the timing

like stars aligning or 

looking up from your boo when the class is silent

just as she does

so perfect you can feel it in your spine

Your mother made me

write this

just in case, she said,

which kinda freaked me out,

so I said to her,

Da Man is fine, babe.

They DOUBLE-team me

I’m in DOUBLE trouble

Trying not to DOUBLE dribble

Gotta get out the DOUBLE trap

So I juke one

But number two follows


When I was little

Mom would read me

a book each night

then tuck me in

and kiss

both cheeks

and my forehead.


My dad

would be at work

and drank soda

and didn’t eat lunch

and I almost got arrested

and I hate math

and tomorrow we have to play basketball in gym class

and I’m not that good

The game is on

at the park.

The stars are out.

It’s close to dark.

Hoop Kings


in the SKY

so high

so fly

like they Got Wings

It was the summer

when Now and Laters


cost a nickel

and The Fantastic Four,


a buck.

When I met


Harriet Tubman

I know you don't get it

the pleasure I feel

when I push down the pedal

the turn of the wheel


the buzz of the sander

the whirl of the drill

Je m'appelle Yusef

J'ai quatorze ans

J'aime jouer au football et lire des bandes dessinees

J'ai deux freres plus ages

Je fais semblant que je ne suis pas bon en francais