Written in response to: Way Home by Libby Hathorn.

The Wild Thing 

Felt strong,
the wild thing
making his heart skip
a beat
still skip
and again 
and again.
Will it ever stop?
The cold beating on his face
Against his cheeks
Frustrated, angry, tense, eager
The wild thing wants to go on.
His soul doesn’t.
His conscience won’t decide.
Made it out of the gates
behind a cart
and along the other side of the fence
tearing his clothes
to make it
with no thought about 
anything but this
didn’t know where he was going
didn’t care
he just went for it.
Nothing to stop him
not even blisters

Year 5

This poem was inspired by the book Way Home by Libby Hathorn.
Why not try...
  • reading the book Way Home to find out who is running in this poem and why.