Written in response to: Rose Blanche by Christophe Gallaz and Roberto Innocenti.

Rose Blanche

Electric wire fence, angry.
Sharp thorns, sharper than knives.
Scared soldiers, disgusted by Hitler.
Spiked branches, defiant.
Tree stumps, no longer full of life.

Bedraggled flowers, pitying them.
Then curling up, frightened.
Trees glancing, shocked.
Grass looking away.
Snow melting, 
Each drop like a tear.

Sumaya Hassen
Year 5
Rotherhithe Primary School

Rose Blanche

Death, Death, Death
Followed her. 
Melting snow taking time 
Soldiers in the distances 
Please go away! 
Trees warn her 
This is not where you should stay.

Is this how it should be 
A lifeless forest 
A stump that can’t grow because of 
What surrounds it? 
I wonder what more I could face 
Could l face such a terrible place?

Nekpen Bello 
Year 6