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Tell Me About Love

My love is like a well-read book
which makes me smile each time I look.
It shouts and whispers, roars and sings
it grounds me and it gives me wings.
It’s the wizard’s whizz, the dragon’s flame
it’s the firework that writes my name.
Love is long as a giant’s leap
it’s mountains high and chasms deep,
wild as oceans, calm as tea – the geography of you and me.
Love glows bright as firelight
a steady flame on a stormy night.
It’s mine to give and yours to keep
light as laughter and bone-bite deep.
It’s flying for beginners,
gravy boats and roast beef dinners,
bubble wrap with tinsel stars,
Christmas Eve and racing cars.
My love is like the well-worn track
that lets you leave, but wants you back.
It’s strong as lions and quiet as snow
it holds you close and lets you go.
My love is mine my whole life through
that is my love and it is you.



Jennifer Watson - Tell me about love

Jennifer Watson - Tell me about love