Poetic Devices: 

Small quarrel

She didn’t call for me as she usually does.
I shared my crisps with someone else.

I sat with someone else in assembly.
She gave me a funny look coming out.

I put a pencil mark on her maths book.
She put a felt-pen mark on mine.

She moved my ruler an inch.
I moved hers a centimetre.

I just touched her PE bag with my foot.
She put the smallest tip of her tongue out.

She dipped her paint brush in my yellow.
I washed mine in her paint water.

She did something too small to tell me what it was.
pretended to do something.

I walked home with her as usual.
She came to my house for tea.

From Collected Poems. 



Small Quarrel

Allan Ahlberg - Small Quarrel