Peer Pressure

The fear of being left out is what it’s all about

No one wants to get laughed at or be the odd one out

No one likes to feel rejected put down and dejected

we all love to feel accepted, we’re all affected

but you have to learn to be your own person

just be yourself and aim to be your best version

You’re not a robot programmed to follow without thinking

just acting brainless with empty eyes blinking

I understand the pressure it doesn’t stop as you grow

It’s natural to follow where everyone goes

and sometimes it’s ok to go with the flow

but other times you have to swim against the tide and so

you’ll have to say no, when everyone says yes

and be firm with your choice deep in your chest

and overcome that fear of being left out

because that’s what peer pressure is really all about


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)