Poem from A Great Big Cuddle by Michael Rosen

Once upon a plom
There lived a poor little mom
Along with her children three.
There was a great big Gom
A Flom and a Chom
Who all sang, "Me, me, me."

Then the Flom said, "Ping!"
And the Chom said, "Ting!"
and the Gom said, "Ping Pong Pee."
And the poor little mom
Said to the Gom,
"What about me, me, me?"

Now along came a Berrible.
This Berrible was terrible
It roared like the stormy sea:
"Out the way, Gom,
The Flom and the Chom!
Your mom is dinner for me!"

"You can't eat Mom,"
Said the great big Gom.
"Oh no!" they said all three.
So they gobbled up the Berrible,
Who tasted really terrible.
Now they're happy as happy can be.



Michael Rosen - Once

Michael Rosen - Once