Poem from Blue Balloons and Rabbit Ears by Hilda Offen

The dinosaurs are on the march again.
They have trampled across the terrace overnight,
Leaving green, veined footprints in their wake.
Now they lurk in the undergrowth;
They are waiting their moment.
They are biding their time.

Then, one morning,
High on a ledge
A yellow pterodactyl head appears.
Hook-skulled and snarling,
It scans the sky.

The next day it has flown,
Planing over frond-forests;
But in its place – there!
Up rears the Thunderer,
Flame-throated, electric,
It's mouth flared like a fledgling's.

It is ready to gulp down the world;
It is ready to swallow the sky.



Hilda Offen - Nasturtiums

Hilda Offen - Nasturtiums

Y1 Tiger Class Headcorn Primary School, Kent perform Nasturtiums by Hilda Offen

Y1 Headcorn Primary School perform Nasturtiums by Hilda Offen