Hey, Let's Go!

Poem from Zim Zam Zoom! by James Carter

Let's go once upon a time.

Let's stroll, let's roll with rhythm 'n rhyme


Let's dress up in a riding hood.

Let's take that shortcut through the wood.


Let's race that wolf to Granny's door.

Let's huff and puff that house of straw.


Let's trick that witch so cruel, so mean.

Let's swap that cow for magic beans.


Let's climb that beanstalk just for fun.

Let's FEE let's FI let's FO let's FUM.


Let's scrub the cellar, floor and all.

Let's ride that pumpkin to the ball.


Let's drop that slipper on the stair.

Let's clamber up that rope of hair.


Let's sleep upon a tiny pea.

Let's rub a lamp for wishes three.


Let's lick that tasty candy cottage -

break a chair, then eat some porridge,


dash upstairs and rest our head,

in that eency-weency bed.


Bears returning? Let's run faster...

leave them happily ever after!



James Carter - Hey, Let's Go!

James Carter - Hey, Let's Go