Halloween's crumble

Poem from Werewolf Club Rules by Joseph Coelho

The biggest berries are in the centre
of a tunnel of thorny bushes.
A shark gaping wide,
promising not to nip.

The juiciest berries dangle
from the barbed canes.
Savage whips, 
swearing they won't mark.

The plumpest berries are out of reach,
boxed within sharp leaves.
A chest of swords,
vowing never to cut.

The best berries are in my tub.
Frogspawn, black beads, spider eyes,
wet and bleeding,
giving their word to please.

The sweetest berries
are in the crumble.
A rocky sandscape over a gory lake,
guaranteeing to be delicious.

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Joseph Coelho - Halloween's crumble

Joseph Coelho - Halloween's crumble