Granny's Sugarcake

Poem from Dancing in the Rain by John Lyons

Ah chile sweetie ting
a Trini granny could mek:

She grate de coconut,
put sugar in ah hot pot.
When it bubble-up like crazy
she stir in de coconut;
den she drop in some clove,
ah piece of cinnamon,
an few drops ah vanilla.

She screwin up she face,
keepin she yeye pon it.
She stirrin it,
she stirrin it
an she whole body shakin-up;
ah tellin yuh,
meh Granny got riddum.

Wen de sugarcake ready,
she spoon it out
on greaseproof paper,

an is den meh mout begin to water
but de look meh Granny gimmeh
tell meh ah got to wait
fuh it to cool down good.

How ah love de sugarcake
meh Granny does mek.







John Lyons - Granny's Sugarcake

Granny's Sugarcake