Goldilocks on CCTV

There she was on the news,
Miss Goody Two Shoes
caught on CCTV.

Don't look so shocked.
Of course you know who – who else but Goldilocks!

Broke into a house
of surburban grisslies,
a nuclear family

from the sound of it.
Daddy Bear Mummy Bear
and whiz kid Baby Bear.

There she was, tucking in
to a bowl of their muesli.
Every move on CCTV.

How she vandalised a chair
in the nursery
then tried out their jacuzzi

not to mention the towels
marked His and Hers.
And everywhere a trail

of golden curls mixed with fur.
A forensic goldmine.
It appears the police found her

in perfect slumber
at the scene of the crime – which wasn't very clever.

But the Bears decided to drop
charges for the sake of

And so fairy-tale justice
was seen to be vindicated
and Goldie's parents were sedated.

From Goldilocks on CCTV. 

Why not try...
  • interviewing Goldilocks to hear her side of the story. 
  • then being Goldilocks and answering the questions.



John Agard - Goldilocks on CCTV

John Agard - Goldilocks on CCTV