It was perfect

the timing

like stars aligning or 

looking up from your boo when the class is silent

just as she does

so perfect you can feel it in your spine

the kind of moment that you know

will be engraved into your mind


Last minute


Josh on the ball

I break free of my marker and give him the call

as I sprint into the box

Josh nutmegs his man

quick look up at me

I'm raising my hand

and he whips it

a perfect curve arcing my way

the keeper comes out

like he's certain to save

but I cut to the near post


off my toes

sun cuts through the clouds like

the universe knows

this is meant to be

the perfect cross from Josh a gift

sent to me

my forehead meets the ball like a perfect piece of destiny


Top corner

the ripple in the net

my team mates are all screaming

we win


I just lie there on the grass

facing up towards the sky

Mr Evans blows his whistle

and I almost start to cry

from pure joy

there's nothing in the world

as good as this

so from the bottom of the pile-on

I just smile

in pure bliss.