Four Seasons

Poem from Rhythm and Poetry by Karl Nova

Summer is the best time

so let me start right here

It’s my favourite season

I wish it could last all year

The sun feels real near

and it can get so hot

which funnily leads to

some people complaining a lot


After that comes Autumn

some call it the fall

because the leaves change colour

and fall, covering the ground like a shawl

The temperature is cooler

Most times you’ll need a light jacket

The holiday is over and back to school

go the students to their classes


Winter sneaks up on you

you start to feel the chill

the festive season approaches

anticipation builds

The Christmas lights come on

The big day arrives

We countdown to the new year

The nights are cold like ice


Spring appears on the horizon

after short dark days and long nights

Jack Frost loses his icy grip

The flowers come out, a beautiful sight

Holiday ends, students back in school again

The excitement of the new year fades

as the months go on it gets warmer

summer returns again with heat waves


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)