The Duelling Duo

In the pitch of night

two knights shared a thought,

with a sword in each hand

as they slashed and fought

on the highest ramparts

of the crumbling fort.


The duo duelled

with their dual swords

hacking left then right,

their metal ringing,

each convinced they were right.


One would hit – one would miss

in the mine-dark night

with its coal-fist mist.

One blade rang on a helmet,

hand tight on a hilt-rung sword,

both proving their mettle

in this mourning morning.


Each trying to raze

the other to the ground,

ignoring the sun’s rays,

they danced their iron,

refusing to pause,

ignoring the sweat

that rained from their pores,

each desperate to reign

with their armour-bash peel.


The same thought in each head

that neither could still.

Both were right,

could not be wrong.

Apparent in their blades, raised.

Transparent in their eyes, glazed.




The lie they thought

as they fought

in the fort.



© Joseph Coelho from Overheard in a Tower Block (Otter-Barry Books)