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More Pointless Questions




which glass do you


A bowl of glass

or a pond that ripples

Roger McGough has written some lovely poems for children around the Coronavirus with fun and light-hearted messaging, for you to use in school – print them out and display them in your classroom or

This poem is published in the National Poetry Day 2019 Anothology on the theme of truth. 

This poem is published in the Tell Me the Truth About Life: A National Poetry Day 2019 Anthology

This poem is in  the National Poety Day 2019  Anthology on the theme of Truth. 

This is the kingdom of the Water Bear.

To enter here, you have to shrink

and slow down, down. A day

is one tick of the clock, one blink


After the fiftieth insult - 

the school bag down the toilet, the stifled

giggle-whisper that hung like a smear on the air - 


she suddenly saw

                         First, months

of flash, thud, shudder,


then the wailing...


that's half a young cat's life


                   ...not white like the snow


more moon-panther or silvery cloud-cat

with her ripple-patterns melting as (oh,


but she's beautiful) you stare

Now we're up on the edge

and over, on the mountain

with mountains beyond. Behind us,

            in the dark

of the valley, villages are embers