Created: 13th April, 2018

Karl Nova

Karl Nova is a Hip Hop artist, author and poet. He is the winner of CLiPPA 2018 for Rhythm and Poetry, his first published collection. Born and raised in London as well as Lagos, Karl is a social commentator, creative writing workshop facilitator, broadcaster and cultural critic who creates platforms for other artists as he seeks to uplift, inform and inspire through this artistic expression. Apart from being a wordsmith and energetic live performer, Karl Nova is an avid beatmaker and he released a compilation of electronic music that he created on his phone called “Made ‘Em On My Phone”.

Karl contributed to  My Heart is a Poem: Poetry About Feelings, shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2024, from which he also performed a number of poems.

For more information on Karl:  and on Twitter @KarlNova

Listen to Karl Nova on BBC Radio 4's Front Row Extended Podcast.


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