Created: 13th April, 2018

Winter fall

It was a cold winter day,

walking down Oxford street

is what I was doing,

I have very quick feet

I was window shopping

going into different shops

I had no care in the world

my jacket was zipped up.

The street was busy

as it normally is

I weaved through the crowd

by countless people I whizzed

What happened next

is kind of hard to explain

It’s like the whole world moved and froze,

hear what I’m saying

You see what happened was

somehow I slipped

I fell down face to the floor

my jacket ripped

not every part of it,

only a bit

I was so stunned

when the ground I hit

It reminded me of when

I was pushed into a puddle

for a few seconds

I was down

on this busy street puzzled

A few nice people

helped me stand up

I was still stunned and embarrassed

I laughed it off

I mumbled my words of thanks

and brushed the dust off

I looked to the ground shocked

thinking to myself “what?”

I looked around at the busy street

to see if anyone watched

then into the nearest shop

I quickly ducked.


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)



Karl Nova - Winter Fall



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