Created: 25th August, 2015

Why must we go to school?


Family School




Alliteration Rhyme Rhythm


Years 1 and 2

Why must we go to school, dad?
Tell us, dear daddy, do.
Give us your thoughts on this problem, please;
No one knows better than you.

To prepare for life, my darling child,
Or so it seems to me;
And stop you all from running wild – 
Now, shut up and eat your tea!

Why must we go to school, dad?
Settle the question, do.
Tell us, dear daddy, as much as you can;
We’re really relying on you.

To learn about fractions and Francis Drake,
I feel inclined to say,
And give your poor mother a bit of a break – 
Now, push off and go out and play!

Why must we go to school, daddy?
Tell us, dear desperate dad.
One little hint, that’s all we ask –
It’s a puzzle that’s driving us mad.

To find all the teachers something to do,
Or so I’ve heard it said, 
And swot up the questions your kids’ll ask you,
My darlings – now, buzz off to bed!

From Collected Poems. 

Why not try...
  • talking about why we go to school. What do you think? What would you say if you were Dad in this poem?
  • performing this poem with a friend. One of you in role as Dad and one as the child asking the questions.


Allan Ahlberg - Why must we go to school