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Created: 1st October, 2021

When to Write

When to Write by Sophia Thakur


When your fists are ready to paint faces

When there is nowhere to confide

When your skin lingers high above your bones

and you’re so out of touch with self,


When the mouth fails you

and shyness strangles

and your throat becomes tight,


When your eyes won’t dry,


Before your fight

Before you fall,


When they lie to you

When they hurt you

When they leave you,


And if they return,

And they have listened

You better write.

When the urge arises

Step out of the shower

And write.

When the world denies you

Find your power

And write.

When they speak of a freedom that doesn’t include you…


Write away those bars

Write together your scars

Write around your wounds

Write into your womb

Write upwards

Write inwards

Write through and around

Absolutely everything that tries to steal your sound.



© Sophia Thakur, from SLAM! You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This, chosen by Nikita Gill, Macmillan, 2020


Nikita Gill - When to Write by Sophia Thakur