Created: 6th June, 2017

Welcome to the Dragonfly cafe




Years 7 and 8


Here fellas, take a book.

Uh, no thanks, Mr Macdonald. We just came in to-


To join nerds and Words? Excellent, Nick. We could use

some boys in our book club.

Maybe another time. I don’t really do books.


It’s a quick read-try it out this weekend.

Can’t, Mr. Mac, we got a futsal* tournament.


A book brawl tournament?



Your foot’s all permanent?


I heard about that thing in Ms. Hardwick’s class. You

know I’m the king of malapropisms.

Uh, o-kay.


What’s up with the bowling ball, Mr Mac?

Big game this weekend too. Got to get my match-play

mojo on.


I don’t even know what that means.

So, Coby, you want to join the book club?


Pass, Coby says, laughing. Maybe if you changed the

name to Books and Babes I might join.

Let us see what’s in your dragonfly box and we’ll join,

you say, before


The Mac starts,

             get this,


*futsal [foot-saul] noun: indoor soccer played with five players on each side. We have our last futsal tournament this week, then travel soccer club revs up.