Created: 9th May, 2016

Tomorrow Has Your Name On It

Tomorrow has your name on it
It's written up there in the sky
As you set out on a journey
in search of the How? and  the Why?

Oh the people you'll meet
The bright and the mad
The sights to be seen
The fun to be had.

Oh the dreams that you'll dream
The chances you'll take
The prizes you'll win
The hands that you'll shake.

But don't let your dreams
Get too big for their boots
don't hanker after the flimflam of fame
If you hunger for mere celebrity
You'll be drawn like a moth to the flame.

For having dreams is not enough;
You must get down and do your stuff.
Take the ready with the rough.
Ride the punches, and my hunch is
You'll succeed when life gets tough.

And it will!
(That's also written in sky
In a cobwebby corner of the Milky Way
A squillion zillion miles away)

Bullies will want to bully you
For that's what bullies do
And you'll feel small and miserable
(Don't worry, I would too).

Even Big Bad Wolves have nightmares,
One of the reasons they howl at the moon.
Being scared is Nature's medicine.
Not nice, but it's over soon.

There'll be days you're made to feel foolish
When your head seems made out of wood
When you blush, mumble and shuffle
Feel embarrassed and misunderstood.

Things will get lost or stolen
Life doesn't turn out as you'd planned
You get sick and then you get better-
What's gone wrong? You can understand.

Take your time.
Sing your own songs and laugh out loud.
weep, if you need to
But away from the crowd.

Disappointments will ebb and flow
Like the tide upon the shore
But an angry storm will quickly go
And the sun rise up once more.

Oh the dreams that you'll dream
The promises you'll make
The friends that you find
Whom you'll never forsake.

Oh the dreams that you'll dream,
May the good ones come true.
Being young is an adeventure
How I wish I were you.

Today is the tomorrow we worried about
Yesterday and all last night.
and as days go, as days they do.
it seemed to go all right.

So dream your dreams and journey
Be tomorrow foul or fine
so you can say at the end of it
'Amazing! Today was mine.'


Roger McGough - Tomorrow Has Your Name On It