Created: 21st May, 2019

Thinker's Rap

Walking out the school door,

didn't come to stay,

didn't mean to talk, but

did it anyway.

My friend Jace, beside me,

walking to my beat,

children, pets and grown-ups,

filling up the street.

Stopping all the traffic,

going down the hill,

nothing else is moving,

everything is still.

Mum and Dad and Kimmy

giving us a cheer,

standing on the front step,

watching as we near.

Going in the house now,

going to close the door.

Got to say goodbye now,

please don't ask for more.

Going in the house now,

my good friend and I,

got to say goodbye now.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.



Eloise Greenfield - Thinker's Rap