Created: 25th August, 2015

Talk us through it, Charlotte




Years 3 and 4

Well I shouldn’t’ve been playin’ really 
Only there to watch me brother
My friend fancies his friend, y’know.
Anyway they was a man short.

Stay out on the wing, they said
Give ‘em something to think about.
So I did that for about an hour;
Never passed to me or anything.

The ball kind of rebounded to me.
I thought, I’ll have a little run with it.
I mean, they wasn’t passin’ to me
Was they? So off I went.

I ran past the first boy
He sort of fell over.
It was a bit slippery on that grass
I will say that for him.

Two more of ‘em come at me
Only they sort of tackled each other
Collided – arh.*I kept going.
There was this great big fat boy.

One way or another I kicked it 
Through his legs and run round him.
That took a time. Me brother
Was shouting, Pass it to me, like.

Well like I said, I’d been there an hour.
They never give me a pass
Never even spoke to me
Or anything. So I kept going.

Beat this other boy somehow
Then there was just the goalie.
Out he came, spreadin’ himself
As they say. I was really worried.

I thought he was going to hug me.
So I dipped me shoulder like they do
And the goalie moved one was, y’know
And I slammed it in the net.

Turned out afterwards it was the winner.
The manager said I was very good.
He wants me down at trainin’ on Tuesday.
My friend says she’s comin’ as well.

From Collected Poems. 

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Allan Ahlberg - Talk us through it, Charlotte