Rising Stars: New Young Voices in Poetry
Created: 16th April, 2018


My little brother loves superheroes.

He wants to change the world,

get the keys to the city and save the girl.


I watch the films with him all the time,

whenever he is sad,

whenever he really wants our mum and dad.


When we’re late to school

and we’re running down the street,

I tell him he’s the fastest man that I’ll ever meet.


And I can’t deny he’s strong,

with all he has to do,

though he’s yet to master the art of Jujitsu.


Our parents must think we’re clever,

they let us do everything on our own:

cook, clean and take care of the home.


I think we might have powers,

the ones that are most believable.

I think to our parents

we might be invisible.


© Ruth Awolola from Rising Stars New Young Voices in Poetry (Otter-Barry Books)


Ruth Awolola - Superpowers



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