Created: 23rd May, 2019

Something Starts


Feelings School



He's younger than the others. Looks about my brother's age.

He speaks like people speak, not like he's reading from a page. 

He asks you actual questions, lets you talk and not just write.

He makes you want to tell him things about your actual life.

He sometimes rushes into class, looking rough, but kind of cool.

He's the only one you can imagine living life out of school.

He gets proper hyped when talking about characters and story.

He didn't laugh when Jacob said his favourite film was Finding Dory.

He seems to love his job, like he's doing what he's made for.

He makes me want to try my best to show him that I'm grateful.

He held me back yesterday when everyone was leaving.

He said he liked my work in class and asked me what I'm reading.

He didn't seem to mind when I told him I don't read.

He said he never read himself until he found the need.

He handed me a book he said he thought that I should try.

He told me I should take my time and read it by July.

He smiled and said, "I'd love to talk about it when you're done."

I think I'm going to try and read it later when I'm home.


Steven Camden - Something Starts



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