Created: 9th June, 2017

Skip MacDonald

     The Mac

is a corny-joke-cracking

seven foot

bowling fanatic

with reddish Mohawk

who wears funny T-shirts

and high top Converse sneakers.

He used to be a rap producer,

But now

He only listens to

wack elevator music, because, he says,

hip-hop is dead.

When I ask him

Who killed it,

he says: Ringtones and objectifications.

Which is reason #1

Why left the music business

At age twenty-nine,

to become

            get this,

a librarian?!

Reason #2 is

the brain surgery

he had

two years ago

that left him

with a scar

that runs across his head

from his left ear to his right.


But he’s the coolest adult

in our school, and

to prove it, he’s got

a Grammy Award

for best rap song

sitting right at checkout,

in plain view

for everyone to see

and touch.

Plus, he’s won

Teacher of the Year

more times than Brazil

has won

the World Cup

(And he’s not even a teacher.)

So when he gets all geeked

about his nerdy book club

or breaks into some random rap

in the middle of a conversation,

most people smile or clap,

because we’re all just happy

The Mac’s still alive.