Created: 26th August, 2015

School tomorrow - excuses for Mum


Family School






Years 3 and 4

Back at school tomorrow.

Not tomorrow!
One more day off please.
I'm sick.
I'm not ready.
I haven't done my homework.

We don't do much the first week back.
Miss won't mind if I miss one day.
My uniform is dirty.
I can't remember where school is.

I want to stay home with you.
We should spend more quality time together.

I need a few more days to grow up.
I won't know anyone – they'll all be older.
The school fell down during the summer.
The school has flooded.
The school ran away.
The school is still on holiday.

I can't go to school tomorrow…
My foot hurts.
My leg hurts.
My arm hurts.
My face hurts.
My belly hurts.
I have the runs.
I have heat stroke.
I have the plague!

I'll stay at home and clean and cook.
I'll pay the bills,
sort out the tax,
handle the builders,
get the shopping.
I won't see my friends.
I'll miss that topic about the Romans.
I won't find out my results.
I won't get to laugh in assembly,
or joke with Mr Lindon.
I won't play football.
I won't make a circuit.
Or get to quote Shakespeare…

Where's my uniform?