These are the words book cover
Created: 10th May, 2023




The thing is, I still believe in it. The sky during its thunder. The

sea during her storm. The earth during its darkest hours. You.

Yes you, reading this. I am tired of us abandoning the parts of 

ourselves we do not like and calling ourselves lost things. The

sun does not abandon us when a storm visits. The sea does not

abandon the cliffs because they are hardened to her touch.

I am asking you not to abandon the parts of yourself that are

in need of more love. I am asking you to hold the parts of you

that shatter, that scare you, close. I am asking you to become

better at loving those portions of yourself you wish to abandon - 

to learn from them as much as you learn from everything about

you that you love. The salt and sugar. The gentle ocean

and the coarse sand.


@Nikita Gill from These are the Words. Fearless Verse to Find Your Voice, MacMillan 2022