Created: 9th May, 2016

Poetry Pie

Newly baked and fresh today
Eat while hot or take away.

Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
Straight from the oven our Poetry Pie.
Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
We're all lovin' our Poetry Pie.

Rhymes and rhythms, raps and riddles.
No nonny-noes or hey-diddle-diddles.

Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
We can't get enough our Poetry Pie.
Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
Lovin the stuff in our Poetry Pie.

Poems that tickle and trip off the tongue.
Poems to be whispered, shouted and sung.
Poems that chuckle and poems that bite.
Poems that moan and go bump in the night.
Poems that meow and bark and roar.
Look out! Here comes a dinosaur...

Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
There's nothing as nice as Poetry Pie
Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
Have a slice of our Poetry Pie

Poems that stand apart from the crowd.
Poems that will make you laugh out loud.
Poems that go 'Wheee!' and jump off the shelf.
Poems that you'll want to keep to yourself.
Poems that you'll want to share with a friend.
Poems that you wish would never end.

Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
Sing a song of Poetry Pie.
Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie
Ning Nang Nong, it's Poetry Pie.


Roger McGough - Poetry Pie


Y4 All Saints Primary School perform Poetry Pie by Roger McGough