Created: 13th April, 2018

Poetry ?

When I was a kid

poetry seemed boring

complex words on a page

that almost left me snoring

I felt no connection

that language seemed foreign

if it fought for my attention

it was pointless warring

I was introduced to texts

held in high esteem

I did recognise the genius

but they meant nothing to me

all that changed

when I heard an M.C

speak a poetic language that really hit deep

it’s like I woke up

from being fast asleep

everything seemed to slow down

I felt my soul leap

I was amazed

how his words transformed him

from being a skinny geek

into someone enormous

He gained energy

as he kept performing

Something awakened in me

that was dormant

it deeply moved me

to pick up a pen

and put down lines of my own

lots of gems

I discovered, buried deep in my soul

I dug deeper

struck oil and found gold

now I share all these riches

that I’ve found

communicating feelings and thoughts

through sound

now that’s poetry I’m glad

that I’ve found

the kind that speaks to me

right here and right now.


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)


Karl Nova - Poetry?



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