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Created: 9th May, 2022

To the Last Dinosaur Standing

Because there had to be one, who watched

the world sizzle and crack as it faced that

almighty meteor THWACK (it seems we’re

sure this is the fixture that finished them

off). There had to be one who saw the skies

thicken with black, who watched the wilt

of every shred of green, who trod through

dust to seek a last curled leaf, or gnawed

upon some final bit of dino-beef.  And it

must have been a horrible happening, that

sink from life, that sudden stop to the

business of being a dinosaur.


And so I hail that beast whose heart ticked

on the extra hour, who sighed and stood

upon the shadowed ground before it took

its endmost gulp. I salute you, whichever

cold-blooded soul it was who came to be

the last to go, whose tiny walnut brain must

have meant (I only hope) that of its lonely

fate, it could not know.


© Kate Wakeling, from Cloud Soup, The Emma Press, 2021


Kate Wakeling - To the Last Dinosaur Standing



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